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October Client Newsletter Thumbnail

October Client Newsletter

Are Online Banks Safe to Use? This is a very common question I get in meetings and over the phone from clients. The answer is yes, as long as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insures an online bank, it will offer the same coverage as the FDIC-insured bank you use. FDIC covers up to $250,000 per account for each individual customer. You can confirm a bank is FDIC insured by using the FDIC’s BankFind tool (https://banks.data.fdic.gov/bankfind-suite/bankfind), which permits searches by bank name or web address. You should also consider that an online bank with a high yield may be associated with a familiar traditional bank. Sometimes, an online bank division may share the same insurance as their brick-and-mortar division. Citizens Access or Investors eAccess are two examples:

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September Client Newsletter Thumbnail

September Client Newsletter

The Value of Covering a Stay-at-Home Spouse with Life Insurance My client was an engineer, on his way to partner, at his firm. Talking with his wife about insurance, he did not see the value of covering his wife, who was a stay-at-home mother. “Why do I need that?” he asked. “She doesn’t make any money staying at home.” If you Google it, the average stay-at-home parent is worth about $110,000 a year, depending on what article you read. In our practice, we talk about buying insurance on a stay-at-home parent to protect the other parent’s career. If something happens to him or her, I always ask, “Do you want to have a choice to work or stay home?” Life insurance gives you a choice.

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